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My Books

There is a certain intuitive caution in choosing a new book to read. It takes time to read a book, and time is a very precious commodity. And a book has a certain stickiness that clings to our memory, and even to our hearts and souls. Any book you read becomes a part of you. Which is why, if you clicked this tab (proving you have a degree of interest in my books), I hope you find them worth your time. Click the links below if you want to find out more.

All books are available in print, and the easier option of a kindle book. To see more in depth details about me and see all my books (below are only the first in each series), visit my website at Go find out what's new, and see what random goodies you find!

Dreaded King Series: 
 Yaspur the Hard, Grand High Pumba of the Rocks, has overthrown the world. He rules behind a puppet king who usurped the throne seventeen long years ago, murdering the entire royal family. Or did he? Astor Meagan, the last surviving knight, knows Yaspur is looking for something. Could it be a bigger secret than anyone has ever guessed? A chance to right the kingdom and restore a world is handed to Astor Meagan and his knife-wielding daughter. But never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined a dirty, peace-spouting, vegetarian farmer would become the pivotal point in the vast game of politics and intrigue happening on their planet’s surface.

Translated from original Łithŧǽrn by Arthur A. Simpson.

Age suggestion: 13 - 18

When I first began translating these remarkable texts, I thought perhaps I could share them all in one volume. But it soon became apparent that would create a work of mammoth proportions. Therefore, I decided to break it into several volumes, and this is the first of the lot. Naturally it is the beginning of the account, as it would be pretty inane to introduce this in the middle of Charlie and the Meagans striving to reestablish the €lænğał line, or while they are being hunted down by Yaspur the Hard and the Niathalin Assassin Brotherhood! That would only confuse you. Actually I think that would confuse me too. So I suggest you start at the beginning. And to make that possible, here is the first volume of my spectacular translation of this remarkable account. Now go read it quickly so I can get on with the next set.

Four books total in the Dreaded King Series, and three of them are waiting for you already: 
Dreaded King: A Son Rises
Dreaded King: Reign Falls
Dreaded King: Knight Duty
And coming soon...
Dreaded King: Heir Raising

The Parabaloni Series: 
One of the most difficult things about chronicling the lives of spies is that the most heroic and exciting tales are the ones too classified to tell. However, I have managed to get my hands on a few stories from this elite spy team that are allowed in the public eye. But keep something in mind if you choose these as books to stave of boredom. Ideas; worldviews, the ethereal, untouchable realm where each act of heroism and dastardly dream is hatched... that is the real plotline of every spy novel. When you think of a spy story what first pops into your head is adventure, first class mystery, and footnotes filled with zoological references and allusions to past adventures. Well, I might be the only one to envision footnotes in such a genre, but one thing is sure. What every reader anticipates and finds in a thrill seeking read is not what sticks in their mind and twists it. Be prepared to learn more then you expected when you leap into these books.

Age suggestion: 12 - 18

The Parabaloni

Two men of radically different backgrounds, but united by a single thread strong enough to shake the world. Christ is all in all, and if He loved enough to give His life for a dying people why should His servants do any less?

Simeon Lee has spent his life keeping America free from terror. Which makes the discovery of a band of hooded murderers sparking fear from coast to coast a very unpalatable shock. Someone is trying to change America from the ground up, and whoever they are has no qualms about murdering the weak in their way. But as he takes hold of faith and leaps out into the fight again, Simeon begins to suspect God might have an ulterior motive in driving him back to work. Happiness, the elusive sweetness in life the old spy has long given up hope of finding, could be waiting for him in the smile of an unexpected young man.

There are currently five books in the Parabaloni Series. Each is a stand alone story; though the characters go through some development throughout the series, you can pick up whatever book strikes your fancy. If you wish to read them in order, here they are lined up in a proper numerical fashion. 

The Parabaloni - Hooded murderers, deadly black boxes, and two friends trying to stop a terrorist.

The Slingshot Effect - Two friends, a French sharpshooter, and a room filled with high explosives.

As The Eagle Flies - Christian convert meets terrorists... not good.

Solitaire - Four friends, one God, and 70,000 mosquito drones.

Adélie Angst - Slaughtered penguins, arid outer space, famous pieces of art, and a band of mismatched spies. 

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